About Nilufer Çolak

About Nilufer Çolak

She did not get any academic education or a course on painting. In 1998 she has learned and experienced Reiki (Universal Life Energy). Her spiritual transformation process is still progressing by the addition of other life therapies like yoga, Tao magic, relaxology, feng-shui etc. Fallowing to death of her mother in 2003; she has seen herself sitting in front of painting board during one of her Reiki sessions. This has been a starting point for her painting experience. As she has continued to see the same image in her dreams and meditations, she believed that this is a kind of spiritual guidance for her. She made her first painting by performing Reiki.

As she has continuously inspired by the same spiritual images, after a while, the art of painting has become a part of her life. She has opened her first personal painting exhibition just one later in October 2004.The theme of the exhibition was ’the paintings with flow of energy inside’

The forms she uses in her paintings are symbols;

Heart: fire, energy, enthusiasm, unconditional love

Moon: water, new beginnings, energy to change, transformation, letting yourself to go with the flow and power of feeling the re-start

SUN: completion, growth, helping the transformation, reflection

Seahorse: elegance of love, luck

Fish: growth by sharing unconditional love, development, fertility and productivity

Colors of life: trees which symbolises the unlimited energy, potential to create and endless colours.

She believes that her paintings which are made of plain and peaceful mystical symbols bring a kind of alchemy effect in to her life. She thinks that the sparkles that she uses in her paintings renews, increases its own energy and then it reflects back to herself and to the viewers. We hope that it would reflect to you as well.


November-December 2004-’the paintings with flow of energy inside’- www.nevarneyok.com

February 2005-Everything is for love – www.nevarneyok.com

December 2005-January 2006- Sparkles- Aladoğan Art Gallery + www.lebriz.com

April 2006-TEYSEV- a bunch of love-mixed exhibition(donation) Aladoğan Art Gallery

January 2007 – Marinaverde Consept – Journey, solo exhibition

July 2007 – Gumusluk Art Center, Journey, solo exhibition

April 2008 – Luftu Kırdar Convention Center – solo exhibition

May 2008 – Camas Art Gallery, Love & Eternity, solo exhibition

December 2010 – Camas Art Gallery, Reflections, solo exhibition

January 2011 – Beykoz Houses Art Gallery, mixed exhibition